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Flat Belt Conveyors for Bottling Line

•Flat Belt Conveyors
•Used for any type of product. Boxes, sacks, tote pans, steel/plastic components
•and bulk items. Can be used for packing or assembly of items. Generally PVC or rubber belts running
•on steel slider bed or roller bed. Drives can be at discharge end or underslung at any point along the conveyor.
•Set horizontally or at inclines up to 30° max, depending on product. We are one of UK’s largest
•belt conveyor manufacturers, conveyor belts can also be supplied separately we have a large stock available.
•Belt Elevators
•Uses – Granular, bulk material,components, to be elevated to other levels, into hoppers,
•into skips etc. Constructed generally as the previous 3 types. Drives at discharge end only.
•Belting fitted with crossflights to carry material.