Filler Change Parts

Filling Machine Change Parts , Filler Star Wheels, Filler Feed Screws, Filling Bottle Handling Parts, Filler OEM Parts

Whether the containers are glass, plastic or metal, round or specially formed, at MEFE you will always find the right guide and format parts for your filler labelling machine. We specialise in new guide parts for your individual requirements.

filler Filling Machine Change Parts , filler megafiller Star Wheels, filler megafiller Feed Screws, filler Bottle Handling Parts, filler OEM Parts
Our range of services:
Guide parts for containers made from glass, plastic and metal – including format parts for a quick and easy change-over of containers without the need for additional tools
Format parts in standard or hygiene design – for round containers or specially formed containers, in particular:
Bottle stop
Infeed worms: made from new, more hard-wearing material, can be disengaged for special form containers, or a double infeed worm for high containers
Infeed and discharge rails, long or short
Guide set for the following machine types: linear, parallel or angle version, also for foil labelling or with mechanical alignment
Bottle pad with varying control of container rotation: cam-driven, with drive belt and servo motor, with star handle and segment or with servo motors for each container pad
Bottle pad for mechanical alignment by means of pin on bottom or side wall
Centring bottle pad with quick change-over system
Centring bells with single-hand quick change-over system, including adjustment to the corresponding container lid or pusher unit for lid sealing
Additional devices:
Clamping stars to process various containers that differ in diameter size without guide curves.
Trolley for fittings


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