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Filler Feed Screws, Bottle Filling machine feed screw, filler labeller feed screw

You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on packaging line equipment, but if the timing screw doesn’t function properly, your line is useless. The fact is, a timing screw or feed screw is one of the most critical elements on your packaging line. Mefe timing screws are designed to maximize the performance of your line for optimum efficiency and productivity. That’s why we customize our timing screws to address your packaging line’s unique requirements, providing superior control, synchronization and throughput.

We have expertise in supplying a wide range of In feed Worm And Screw. Well fabricated using high grade material as per industry standards, these are easily machinable and have excellent chemical resistant. Moreover, Mefe machinery are used to ensure their well finished and robust construction. Customized solutions of these are provided by us as per our clients specifications.

Every timing screw/ feed screw requires special engineering based on changes of length, pitch. The product is handled according to the application type of screw. If you prefer, send us your sample timing screw. We will record the appropriate dimensions and return the sample back to you. You may also opt to send us your container/drawings and we will design and manufacture to your specifications.


Our standard material for producing feedworms is U.H.M.W.P but many other materials are readily available, for example, P.V.C, Nylon, Tufnol, P.T.F.E. and Oilon. Although the majority of our Feedworms are produced in either black or white U.H.H.W.P, they can be colour co-ordinated if required.

Working from customer’s drawings, we supply many leading original equipment manufacturers with feedworms. We also supply many leading brand name end users with their requirements. If you are an end user and are unable to supply us with a drawing, do not worry, we can easily work from a sample feedworm. Send us a feedworm with the container it has been handling, along with any new containers you require to run with. We will take all the necessary details for you, returning your sample feedworm back to you on the day we receive it. If even this is not possible, for a nominal fee we will visit your site to take all the necessary details for you. If you just require feedworm prices, we can quote you immediately, our database gives us instant access to literally thousands of feedworms we have manufactured over the years.

Filler Feed Screws, Bottle Filling machine feed screw, filler labeller feed screw