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filler Capping Headset Capping Chucks, filler Capping Chuck

Capping Headset,Standart Chucks,Flex Chuck

Mefe’s Flex-Chuck delivers beverage bottling operator a single-chuck solution that maximizes uptime and throughput, improves capping application performance, and reduces the bottler’s total cost of operations.

filler Capping Headset Capping Chucks, filler Capping Chuck

Flex-Chuck Features

Versatile Design Eliminates Most Chuck Changes

  • Designs for 28mm and 38mm closures
  • Adapts to multiple knurls: 24, 24/120, 60, and 120
  • Compatible with cold-fill and hot-fill processes
  • Reduces need for design-specific chuck inventory
  • Eliminates chuck changes during package changeovers
  • Applies most closure designs / knurls for a specific bottle finish
  • Interchangeable with existing chuck / headset designs

Standard Chucks Features
Precision-engineered single piece design
More holding teeth (serration) for increased closure application control
Shoulder style design for precise closure seating
Hardened stainless steel construction
Available for all flat and sports cap designs
Gripper chuck design available for specialty applications